Rage Room Madison Heights

Michigan’s first official rage room experience

How it Works

A rage room is a room where people can smash anything from easy breakable items to typical household items, such as furniture or electronics by using tools such as a sledgehammer or a baseball bat. We require you to put on protective gear for your safety, but otherwise, you are free to smash as you wish! Book now for fun, destructive, and safe stress relief!

Michigan's First Rage Room

We all have those days where it becomes more than you can handle, between the kids, your boss, traffic, and the list goes on. So how do you release that frustration? BY DESTROYING EVERYTHING!

Here at Rage Room Michigan, we help you release that frustration by totally annihilating a room filled with furniture, dishes, tv’s, and more via a sledgehammer, baseball bat, and more. But don’t worry! It’s perfectly safe. We provide full protective gear including coveralls, a face mask, gloves, and vest. All you have to do is pick what you want to destroy, suit up, and have fun!

Whether you come as a lone wolf, in a group of friends, or for a date night, we’ll take care of everything! Our goal here is to provide a safe, fun environment for those with destructive desires and thrill seekers. Come relieve your frustration and take it out on us!

Rage Room Madison Heights
Phone (248) 616-0050
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31401 John R. Road

Madison Heights, MI 48071

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